Courses for JavaScript Developers

Published: 2022-01-11

Courses for JavaScript Developers

When you are new to web development it can be overwhelming to find good resources that are easy to digest and that have great quality.

I've tried a lot of tutorials both free and paid. Here is a short list of instructors I really like.

Level Up Tutorials

Scott Tolinski has done great job at providing value to developers through the last 10 years. First through videos on YouTube and later he started his own education platform Level Up Tutorials. Today he and his team is providing killer content both free and behind a pay-wall. While writing this the price is $24.99/month or $225/year ($18.75/month).

My favorite courses by Level Up Tutorials

I have these I'd like to try out to learn Svelte:

Level Up Tutorials also have courses about Node.js, React for beginners to advanced, Typescript, Wordpress, Testing and more.

I also recommend Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos Podcast Syntax.FM where they talk about web development in an engaging way.


  • Type: Paid membership
  • Pricing: $24.99/month or $225/year ($18.75/month).

Wes Bos

Wes Bos provides both free and paid content for learning web development. Some of his tutorials can be viewed on his YouTube channel or via his website Wes courses are very comprehensive, they are generally long with great content of how and why he does everything on the topic.

I took his Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL which was great! Wes breaks down difficult problems into smaller chunks to make it easier to digest. His CSS Grid course was also great to help me master it.

Free courses from Wes Bos

Paid Courses

These are high quality video tutorials. They are worth every penny in my opinion.

I also recommend Wes Bos Podcast which he co-hosts with Scott Tolinski, Syntax.FM where they talk about web development in a fun and interesting way.


  • Type: Buy once
  • Pricing: Paid courses from $45 to $140/course.


Googles education plattform that provides premium quality courses and education programs online. I have tried a nano degree program in Android development. The courses have a calm pace and dosen't rush in to things. They try to provide all resources in one place which I like. It helps the student to stay focused. The price tag is high which makes it hard or impossible for some people to get into this


  • Type: Paid course membership
  • Pricing: $399/month or get discounts for choosing longer memberships.


Udemy is loved and hated by many. There is a ongoing joke in the twitter community about how you never finish any Udemy courses. I have completed a few and I have some favorite instructors I'd like to share with you.

  • Stephen Grider - Cover most subjects related to web development and more. Great at explaining and have a calm and friendly approach.
  • Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller - I took his Angular Course which was the first framework I learned. Great teacher and he also have courses on Vue, Node, JavaScript, Flutter and more. I learned a lot from Max, and I think you can too.
  • Asim Hussain - I really enjoyed his Advanced Javascript course.


  • Type: Buy once
  • Pricing: Paid courses from $10 to $110/course. (usually they have sales where courses is $10 - $20).

YouTube resources


Fireship is hosted by Jeff Delaney. He creates short, engaging and educational videos on YouTube that will make you laugh and make you learn.

He also has a course plattform at I'm not a member. But Jeff is surely making quality content.

Design Course

If you want to make your UX/UI great I recommend checking out Gary Simons Design Course on YouTube. He has paid content too, it is certainly great too but I haven't tried it.


Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller provides videos on web development on YouTube as well as Udemy. Good free content and of course a taste of how his courses are on Udemy.